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A band on the verge of breaking out… or breaking up.

Tickets will go on sale July 2017. 



las mariposas Y los muertos
By Benjamin Benne
September 19 – October 7, 2017
World Premiere Commission | Play with Music
Directed by Pilar O’Connell

Synopsis: Through their musical talents, but also a series of strategically planned maneuvers, Las Mariposas have poised themselves to be the next great buzz band.  But as momentum picks up, their following grows, and they capture the critics’ gaze, the band begins to divide over what artistic compromises are too much to make.  In the digital age, when everything put into cyber space leaves a permanent imprint, Elena, Celestina, and Molly find themselves questioning their identity, integrity, and public image.  But when trends constantly shift in the over-saturated art world, does anything we create really have a lasting effect?

Run Time:

Around 80mins with no intermission.


Content Advisory:



Tickets on sale July 2017

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