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Presented by Forward Flux Productions, collaborate create is a 21 day artist residency series that brings artists together across disciplines in a think tank setting to create new works that center on one socially relevant theme. The process culminates in a public exhibition.


To create in the now because of the now. We aim to uphold our social responsibility as artists by utilizing our forms of expression to address current issues in society.


  • To give artists a forum to provoke dialogue and share perspectives on current issues
  • To foster a community of collaborative artists who believe in taking charge of the creation process
  • To push the boundaries of artistic expression by experimentation, forward thinking, and innovation

Program Requirements

Meeting Attendance

The program centers on artist meetings, and attendance is mandatory. There are 5 meetings total, on Sunday and Wednesday evenings during the 21 day process. The meetings are think tanks for the artists to explore the theme, discuss and work on projects, and plan the exhibition.

Work Time

Artists are responsible for working on their own to complete their planned projects. The program does not assign group projects, rather it is left to the artists to organically decide which projects they will collaborate on (or create themselves). Artists work outside of group meetings to complete these projects.


Artists are responsible for installing their project(s) on the exhibition day, and will be scheduled for an arrival starting as early as 9am (projects must be completely installed before 6pm). Artists are expected to attend the full exhibition on both days (7pm-10pm) and break down their project(s) after the final day. In addition, artists are expected to assist with exhibition promotion.

The Program Provides


collaborate create provides space for artists to work with others outside of their discipline group and greatly expand their network. It provides a collaborative environment where risk and innovation are valued over finished product – there are no creative parameters beyond the provided theme, so this is the perfect program to test a new idea or art form without risk of financial or critical failure.


The program provides meeting space for the group meetings, space for performance rehearsals, and exhibition space in a prime venue (2017: Fred Wildlife Refuge). Basic tech capabilities are provided (projector, lighting, sound) as well as time in the space to tech your piece. In addition, artists receive a limited supplies stipend to assist with off-setting project costs. All projects created in the program remain 100% in the artists’ control.


collaborate create is produced by Forward Flux Productions. Extensive advertising, digital promotion and PR services (previous cycles have been featured in prominent news and TV programs) are provided for the group show as well as individual artists involved via blog features. Artists are responsible for participating in promotion via their personal email lists and social media channels.

Join the next cycle:

Applications for Cycle 8 will be live on this website soon. Please check back for more details. We look forward to collaborating with you soon!

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Previous Exhibitions

Cycle 1 – The Power of Belief – May 2013, TheaterLab, NYC

Cycle 2 – Be Silent – June 2013, TheaterLab, NYC

Cycle 3 – Degrees of Privacy – August 2013, TheaterLab, NYC

Cycle 4 – You May Not Belong – March 2014, TheaterLab, NYC

Cycle 5 – Your [      ] Neighborhood – May 2015, Fremont Abbey, Seattle

Cycle 6 – Your [      ] Neighborhood – May 2015, Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn

Cycle 7 – #nofilter – April 2016, Fremont Abbey, Seattle