An artist residency series.

collaborate create will return for its’ 9th cycle soon.

A diverse group of artists are given 21 days to create an exhibition unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Until now.

Join us at the next collaborate create exhibition


The exhibition features brand new art centered on one theme, all created in 21 days, including: short plays, photography, film, painting, dance, poetry, interactive installations, music and more.


The exhibition has a pARTy atmosphere with music and a full bar – no stuffy art viewing here. Interact with installations and watch as brand new paintings, plays, dance, film and more come to life.


Connect with the artists and your fellow audience members. The exhibition is centered on one theme – with so many artists involved, you’re sure to see work that will inspire a new perspective.

The art

The exhibition was created in just 21 days. Prepare to be surprised, amazed and challenged by the artists’ unfiltered thoughts on timely themes (past themes include gentrification, immigration, more).

The theme

Each cycle of collaborate create is centered on one socially relevant theme. The artists start day one with a question and then spend 21 days working together to create an exhibition that examines this topic.

The program

The exhibition features a programmed evening of the artists’ work, allowing you to choose what you see (stay as little or as long as you want), or view the entire show (stay the full 3 hours).


Who Am I / Who I Am

April 19 & 20th, 2017
Fred Wildlife Refuge, Capitol Hill

Guest Curated by Barry Johnson
Presented in partnership with Fred Wildlife Refuge

Forward Flux Productions presented Cycle 8 of collaborate create, a 21 day artist residency series. A diverse group of 20 artists are given 21 days to create an immersive exhibition exploring a single theme. For the 8th cycle of the program, the artists investigated identity.

The exhibition was titled “Who Am I / Who I Am” and featured all new works created in 21 days, including paintings, film, poetry, dance, new plays, interactive installations and more. The exhibition was installed throughout the entire Fred Wildlife Refuge venue (our presenting partner). In addition to the new works on display, there was a full bar, live music and a pARTy atmosphere. The event provided audiences with a chance to connect with the art, artists and fellow audience members to explore our shifting relationship with gender, sexuality and identity.

The creative team was:
Program Director: Wesley Frugé
Guest Curator: Barry Johnson
Program Manager: Andy Buffelen
Associate Program Manager: Kiki Abba


Barry Johnson, Guest Curator


Angel Alviar-Langley aka Moonyeka
Tré Calhoun
Melissa Cole
Gabriel-Bello Diaz
Chelsea DuVall
Zane Exactly
Melissa Koch
William Kuko
Ted Larson
Sparkle Leigh!
Angel O’Leary
Julian Peña
Nelle Tankus
Tré (Trout.) Thibodeaux
Shann Thomas
Markeith Wiley
Daniel Joseph Wood

Pics on Pics on Pics

Our Story

collaborate create is an artist residency series that started in NYC in 2013. It is designed to give artists a platform to create in the now because of the now. Each cycle has a different theme designed to spark conversation among our artists and audience about socially relevant topics.

Each cycle features 12-20 artists ranging from playwrights, painters, poets, dancers, filmmakers and more. This diverse group of artists come together in a think tank setting to collaborate for 21 days, working towards a public exhibition on the 21st day. The artists are given the freedom to say and create what they want, and the works that spring from this process often move on to have a life of their own.

Past exhibition themes include gentrification, silence, privacy, citizenship and more. The program moved to Seattle in 2015 and continues there now.

Previous Exhibitions

Cycle 1 – The Power of Belief – May 2013, TheaterLab, NYC

Cycle 2 – Be Silent – June 2013, TheaterLab, NYC

Cycle 3 – Degrees of Privacy – August 2013, TheaterLab, NYC

Cycle 4 – You May Not Belong – March 2014, TheaterLab, NYC

Cycle 5 – Your [      ] Neighborhood – May 2015, Fremont Abbey, Seattle

Cycle 6 – Your [      ] Neighborhood – May 2015, Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn

Cycle 7 – #nofilter – April 2016, Fremont Abbey, Seattle