A Private Dance Party in Public Spaces


How to Float

Everything you need to know to have the best night of your life.

We can’t wait to take you on a silent mobile dance adventure. Here, in six easy steps, is everything you need to know in order to FLOAT:

1) Save Money with Advance Tickets

Tickets for our Summer 2017 Floats will be on sale soon. The first block of tickets is just TEN DOLLARS(!), but as each Float approaches, the prices will rise, peaking at $25 at the door.

2) Dress Yourself Appropriately

Attire yourself appropriately for epic dancing. WEAR COMFORTABLE, RUNNING-FRIENDLY SHOES. Costumes, makeup, anything glowing, normcore, whatever. Look like your bad self.

3) Ready Your Mind & Body

Drink responsibly. WEAR COMFY SHOES. Seriously. Stretch. Hydrate. Round up all your cool friends. Also round up your lame friends. Make them wear comfortable shoes too.

4) Join Us

Join us at our pre-selected ever-changing drinking establishment and avail yourself of drinks. Mingle. Or psych up solo. Your call. Your Float ticket includes blue tooth headphones, or you can bring your own and we’ll provide a receiver you can hook into.


Our Float Captain will lead you on an epic, one-of-a-kind dance adventure through a different Seattle neighborhood with new music mixes hand selected for each Float. You’ll be dancing outside on the sidewalks, parks and plazas that make each neighborhood unique.

6) Don’t Stop

The evening gets started at our host bar at 8pm, with a departure into the night planned at 9pm sharp. There will be two 40min dance mixes, with one stop at a bar along the way. You will end at our starting location around 11pm. Rinse & Repeat.


The Float Family

What the Float started in New York City (read a review HERE, and an interview with the founders HERE) and has now expanded to Los Angeles, Baltimore and more.

Forward Flux Productions is proud to bring this unique and engaging experience to Seattle. Read recent press for Seattle HERE, HERE or HERE.

Dance Everywhere